2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Release Date

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic is one of the most popular vehicles and the ninth generation was delivered in 2012. We are getting slight changes for 2014 model but we are pretty interested in what 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid will offer. There are improvements to interior, suspension, exterior and much more.

The nose, hood, black honeycomb grille and angled headlamps are pleasing to the eye, with a humped hood and raked windshield that draw attention. The side sills are sculpted wisely, and with body-colored mirrors and door manages, the 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid looks sophisticated, especially with the optional alloy wheels. The rear fenders flow perfectly into a horizontal V over each side of the rear bumper.

The material furniture is outstanding, with seats that are well formed, perfectly boosted and widely adjustable. The basic 60/40 split-folding rear seatback expands freight capacity. We put a six-footer in the rear seat, and he didn’t complain about legroom or headroom.

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Interior

We found the i-VTEC 140-horsepower engine with its 128 foot-pounds of torque to be appropriate. Acceleration performance is average but feels stronger because the engine is cabin and smooth quiet.

The suspension has been reworked for 2014 with thicker anti-roll bars front and rear, quicker steering, and firmer bushings. The front subframe body structure is stiffer. The overall level of dynamic competence is hard to fault, foreseeable with no false moves.

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Release Date

If you desire stylish, there’s the Civic Si, with its high-revving 2.4-liter twin-cam four-cylinder making 201 horsepower and 170 foot-pounds of torque. We’ve had it on the track and its performance is marvelous.

There are also three high-mileage versions of the Civic. The Civic HF utilizes a specially tuned version of the same 1.8-liter engine to achieve an EPA-rated 29/41 mpg City/Highway, compared with 28/39 mpg for the Civic LX and EX. The Civic GX runs on natural gas, with its 1.8-liter SOHC 16-valve four-cylinder rated at 110 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque. It gets 27/38 mpg on the cheaper fuel. The 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid pairs a 1.5-liter SOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine rated at 110 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque with a 23-hp electric motor aid. Fuel economy is ranked at 44/44 mpg. The bare bones and many affordable design, DX, has been terminated: Dee-Xed.

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Side

The nose and tail are brand-new, approximately the hood and trunk cover. Is that a bulge in the hood like a muscle car? Yes! The black honeycomb mesh grill looks major, if camouflaged, weakened by a thin chrome smile and half-hidden behind the ordinary (but universally recognizable) Honda symbol. The front bumper provides outstanding definition, dipping into black open-mouthed fascia with clear corner lights at each end. We could do without the gratuitous horizontal chrome strip within the fascia.

The side sills are formed wisely; with body-colored mirrors and door manages, the 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid looks elegant. Yes to the Ex Lover with its beautiful optional alloy wheels.

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Back

The rear fenders flow nicely as they vector into the rear bumper, like a horizontal V on each side under the taillight, providing back-end definition. Honda designers did great on bumpers. At the tail above the bumper, it’s restyled but still ordinary, even with big brand-new two-piece taillamps. We can do without the gratuitous horizontal chrome strip across the trunk. That’s a generic statement; we could say that about every vehicle.

In the cabin there’s much new content to bring the 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid upscale to match its competitors. However, there’s some sleight of hand, because much of what’s now standard in all models got there by discontinuing the low-cost bare-bones DX. Back on the benefit, the price increase is just about $300, so the buyer does get a lot even more interior material and quality in 2014.

Price Of Civic Hybrid

Without options, our Ex Lover had everything an automobile needs for security and a motorist requires for convenience and functionality, for $21,605 out the door (EPA-rated at 32 Combined city and highway miles per gallon). Actually, more than everything, most notably considering the power moonroof that’s standard on the EX. But also smaller things like height adjustment for the driver’s seat, and auto-off headlights.

The 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid interior feels premium, which couldn’t be said of the 2012, which Civic customers noticed. Refinements include a new headliner to replace what’s been called mouse fur, and soft-touch materials on the instrument panel, center console, and door panels. Silver accents here and there, along with artificial sewing on the dash panel and door panels, add a touch of upscale. Black carpeting is basic. The colorful instrument backlighting is soothing. Radio and climate-control buttons on the center console are redesigned, no longer square, now trapezoidal and stylish. Symbolic of the attempt to change the image of the whole car, you might say.

Less visible however probably just as significant, NVH has been improved, so there is less harshness, vibration and sound. More sound deadening material has been added to the firewall, wheel wells, flooring and trunk, while the windshield and front windows are thicker, all in the successful pursuit of silence. On the within, the Civic neither feels nor seems like a simple $20,000 vehicle.

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