2014 Hyundai Veloster Review

2014 Hyundai Veloster

Currently available generation of Veloster was delivered in 2013 and for 2014 Hyundai Veloster here will be no major changes. When this car was presented to the market there were many that really liked it. It was combination of more than one vehicle class and it managed to offer best from almost all.

The auto landscape’s strewed with threats that failed to settle– lots like the Aztek, Capri, VehiCross, X90. Like those utter flops, the Veloster’s a synthesis of various kinds of cars. Unlike those, it’s winning on virtually every level. It’s daring when its competition isn’t really, which starts with its grabby, sport-shoe styling, an arresting look that erupts from its unconventional four-door design– a hatch in back, a driver-side door, and two smaller front-hinged doors on the passenger side. Just in the most generic method does it mimic a few of the shapes of the Accent and Elantra that it obtains parts from; it’s a distinct, electric appearance with great deals of disruptive lines and surfaces that never ever seems to lack methods to entertain owners and observers. And the party does not stop inside: Hyundai’s gotten so deft at interiors, it’s put a V-neck on the Veloster’s dash and tucked a big LCD locket in the middle, pitching it way into the future while some other sporty hatches struggle simply to make the display look helpful and relevant amidst all the mess.

Veloster Turbo

2014 Hyundai Veloster Side

The Veloster cribs some parts from the Accent, beginning with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine from the smaller vehicle that puts out 138 horse power. On base Velosters, it’s teamed with a six-speed manual or a dual-clutch automatic that are good enough to delegate personal preference. Acceleration’s sufficient if a little thin on torque off the line, but fuel economy of 37 mpg motorway is excellent. The new performance version straps on a twin-scroll turbocharger for 201 hp in all, a 195-lb-ft blast of torque on tap at reduced engine speeds, and a selection between six-speed handbook and paddle-shifted automatic transmissions– great for 0-60 mph times of about 7.0 seconds or less, with just a slight crimp in gas-mileage numbers.

2014 Hyundai Veloster Review

2014 Hyundai Veloster Back

From the Elantra, the Veloster borrows some front suspension pieces. To mix with its objective and its more compact body, it gets a retuned, redesigned rear-beam axle for even more active behavior and more confident grip on curvy roads. We’re not wild about the energy power steering– it’s short on feedback, and weighty when it doesn’t should be– however it does not interrupt the Veloster’s typically flat, crisp cornering, which gets unsettled just if it’s pitched over bad areas of pavement. Braking is strong, even much better on Turbos, which grow front rotors and stickier front tires– which likewise magnify the brief, stocky Veloster’s adequate understeer.

Up front, the Veloster’s appealing accommodating for a pair of passengers, even with the sunroof or breathtaking roofing system on offer. The back seat which catchy side door? They’re more playful than practical. It’s tight back there for any individual of a particular age, more so of a certain height or weight. The Veloster’s simply not indicated to be a four-person commuter. The rear seats fold down to make a beneficial freight location, and Hyundai’s found great deals of niches and nooks for small-item storage.

2014 Hyundai Veloster Interior

Changes ForĀ Veloster

The Veloster stands out for its lengthy list of basic features and its reduced base price. Hyundai’s BlueLink suite of services is also consisted of, in a trial subscription.

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