2014 Infiniti FX37 Release Date

2014 Infiniti FX37

It seams that Infiniti is preparing big changes for their vehicles and those changes also include different names. We have 2014 Infiniti FX37 that comes as a replacement for FX35 because of the engine change where we are getting 3.7 liter unit instead of the 3.5 liter version from the last model.

The exterior is basically the same from the outward bound model. It still has the huge grille in the front fascia and the headlights preserve their crisp lines. The nose is long and slopes at the front end, which offers the FX a rounded look at the front.

FX37 Review

The 2014 Infiniti FX37 is the Picasso of cars with its mix of angular lines and bubbly shapes. The chrome-trimmed air outlets just behind the front wheels are simply a non-functional garish that Infiniti slapped on to offer the SUV a sportier appearance.

You either enjoy or dislike the styling with its odd mix of fluid lines and harsh angles.

2014 Infiniti FX37 Back

The interior is pretty much what one would expect from a luxury vehicle.

It has plenty of leather all around with metal accents. The center console is prominent and large in the design, but has a great deal of buttons, giving it a cluttered feel. With many buttons, it is easy to get confused on what each button does. Just figuring out how to change the radio station may be like navigating a space shuttle.

The interior is much more cramped than the SUV’s outward appearance would make you think. When a car is largely about carting kids and cargo, you expect a lot of space inside and the FX’s styling really limits its useable area.

The big change for 2013 was the new 325-horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6 engine– a variant of the 3.7-liter found in the Nissan 370Z. The FX37 will sprint from 0 to 60mph in 6.2 seconds and hits a top speed of 142 miles per hour.

2014 Infiniti FX37 Side

The six-cylinder engine has good performance, however needs that you rev it to get to all that performance. You’ll need to hit 5,200 rpm to get all 267 pound-feet of available torque and 7,000 rpm to milk the available 325 ponies.

The V-6 has a nice sound from the outside of the vehicle, but on the inside it has a history of being a little buzzy. It also causes vibrations in the wheel, shifter lever and pedals when in the upper rpm range.

The engine is mated to a quick shifting electronically controlled seven-speed automatic transmission to apply all the available power.

In a luxury sports crossover, you want a vehicle that can handle well while not making the kids nauseous. The 2014 Infiniti FX37 hits on among those fronts and provides good handling, but at the expense of a comfy ride. While it won’t quite jar your teeth out of your head, the severe trip keeps you from really enjoying the vehicle on long trips.

You would think with a firm ride would come good steering feel, but feedback in the steering is virtually absent and is similar to a video game steering wheel. The numb steering feel keeps you from connecting with the automobile in any way while driving.

2014 Infiniti FX37 Interior

The FX37 is readily available with rear-wheel drive or optional four-wheel drive. On dry roadways, the conventional 265/60R18 tires keep the car glued to the road when you get onto a twisty stretch of highway.

2014 Infiniti FX37 Release Date

The 2014 Infiniti FX37 begins at $44,300 for the rear-wheel-drive model and $45,750 for all-wheel-drive.

The Infiniti FX37 has unique styling and good performance, but at the expense of ride quality and interior space. The V-6 is a rather unrefined engine, which makes it hard to live with and until Infiniti improves this six-cylinder engine, the FX and the upcoming QX will remain to suffer.

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