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2014 Kia Rio Review

2014 Kia Rio

Only few years ago we have received new, redesigned model of Kia Rio and for 2014 we are getting only small changes. There is no doubt that 2014 Kia Rio will offer some really nice features like it was with 2013 model and we are sure that it will be strong competitor on the market.

Looking at the today’s market it is quite obvious why we like the 2014 Kia Rio. It is in front of the competitors and those competitors include models like Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent, Honda Fir and similar. We are sure that some drivers will not agree but read on to see what Rio has to offer.

2014 Kia Rio Back

2014 Kia Rio Back

List of the features that we like with this model is pretty long and there are only few complaints but we need to say that the most interesting segment of this car is its exterior. With the five door hatchback model, that is even better looking than the sedan, we have recognizable and modern Kia grille while the bubbly shape is quite attractive and offers decent amount of interior space. Compared to the sedan version we will always pick this one.

On the interior we can also notice some significant improvements over the previously delivered Kia models. Rio now offers modern and hi-tech features which we rarely meet in the entry level vehicles. This did not stop designer to flawlessly incorporate large LCD display into the center console while the materials and finish offer soft touch and quality feeling. As a reminder of the older models and what we had long before significantly improved tech in cars we have quite nice toggle switches for climate controls.

New Kia Rio

If you decide to buy the 2014 Kia Rio you will be able to get it with only one engine, there are no options for the 1.6 liter inline four. This engine produces pretty healthy 138 hp which is great for this small vehicle but still does not have the needed punch. It would be great to see more powerful turbocharged unit that would offer both more power and significantly more torque. Quite good automatic transmission is responsive and will always keep the optimal revs and quickly downshift when needed. The start/stop function is now offered with this vehicle even it was announced for 2012 model it was slightly postponed but now helps this car to achieve 30 mpg in city driving instead of 28 mpg which is quite good.

2014 Kia Rio Interior

2014 Kia Rio Interior

Handling and ride comfort is much better in 2014 Kia Rio than it was the case with few previous models. This segment was upgraded thankfully to the changes made to suspension and it is certainly impressive to see such a short wheelbase car with twist beam rear suspension and basic strut to offer comfortable and fatigue free ride with pretty good handling. You might get better handling from competitors but still you can expect a lot from Rio. One of the things that we do not like with most new vehicles is the electric steering that offers almost no feedback so you are not that sure what is happening on the road, same is with this model.

2014 Kia Rio Side

2014 Kia Rio Side

Amount of space in interior is similar to what competitors offer and the closest one is Ford Fiesta. Both are similarly shaped and will offer enough space for most people even on the back seat. Just like always, with this type of cars taller people might have problems with back seat room but nothing huge. Front seats offer good support and are comfortable even on longer trips where you will not feel almost any problems when driving. Cargo are is enough for basic needs but for longer vacations you might need something more.

2014 Kia Rio Review

Safety features included bring six airbags in standard version, ABS and stability control. This is pretty much the basic equipment for most new cars but still is more than enough to protect you and your passengers. Features like Bluetooth and rearview camera come as a option while the hill-start aid is also a part of the standard package. We are still waiting to see the IIHS crash report but the NHTSA gave it a four start on their test.

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Since we know that the 2014 Kia Rio will come almost identical to the previous year model we are pretty sure that there will be no significant price changes. Base version was sold for $14,350 and the five door hatchback and sedan could see only few hundred dollars price increase but that has not yet been confirmed.

Release Date Of Rio

If you want something slightly better you could always opt for the 2014 Kia Rio SX version that is delivered with 17 inch alloy wheels, LED headlight accents, LED tail lights accents, power folding and heated side mirrors, fog lamps and larger front brakes. This top of the line model will also come with options like pushbutton start, leather seats, sunroof, navigation, front seat heating and similar.

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